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As an example you may take control of a character who is born to a poor family in rural India. In which case you may struggle to stay in school and may die prematurely of a common treatable disease.

When you start each game each character will have a happiness score, a health score, an intelligence score and an attractiveness score. As an example, in order to date a handsome model you may have to work out or spend money on clothes and fashion in order to increase your beauty stats. As each life will offer new opportunities. I hope you enjoyed this guide, please rate and share.

All product names, trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only! Apps or games on this website are free to download and play, however some in-app items can be purchased for real money! Download on PC. Download, Install and Run the Emulator. Launch and Play the Game from the App Library! So, what exactly is the Bitlife game?

How does it play? Please follow the article below to know more information about this fascinating game. The game’s introduction BitLife is a life simulation game in which users take control of a stranger’s life from beginning to end.

It was released by Candy writer, a free app that, although not very famous on Google Play, has made a big impact on the gaming community. BitLife allows users to experience what would happen if they majored in acting or what they would do in their old age using a list of instructions, random events, and humor. This game has simple gameplay, basically the same as other simulation games.

However, in this game, you will choose actions for each character’s time instead of choosing dialogue. For example, at the age of 18, you will choose a character to study a major in college or maybe even go to the army. Characters in the game will have 4 basic stats including health, happiness, appearance, and intelligence. In my opinion, health is the most important factor because only when you have health can you do more things.

You can improve your appearance with makeup, beautify yourself with clothes or accessories, or even get plastic surgery. Regarding IQ, you can increase it by going to school. Sometimes a wrong choice of yours can also terrify the police, but unfortunately in the process of catching criminals, you are attacked by them, and your life is over. Choose an action for the character. The rules of the game are very simple, you just need to choose the actions that are appropriate for the age of the character.

You can play it on a PC or mobile phone, very convenient! At the beginning of time. You start BitLife in a random country with a pair of parents assigned to raise you. As an infant, you were barely exposed to the world, with your only option being to see a doctor.

The world begins to open up as you get older. You can begin spending time with your parents or asking for money when you are four years old. You start elementary school at the age of six. As everyone knows, the most important age for any human being is the age of eighteen. At this age, you have to make decisions that directly affect your later life. Aside from schooling, you can join the army or work part-time to earn money while gaining experience. Everything that occurs in the future is determined by your decisions.

When we grow up, we’ll need to learn how to manage our finances. You can spend your money on vehicles and real estate, start a business, or “throw” it all away at the casino. Touch Assets on the Main Menu bar to manage your assets. To own your property, however, you must be of legal age.

One of BitLife’s most fascinating features is the ability to find your love. Before you begin the game, you can choose your sexual orientation to help you discover that special someone. Even if you are married, there will be certain people who want to bring you down.

To have a happy family, you must make decisions. You may destroy everything by yourself with just one mistake. Spending quality time with your significant other can lead to a long-term relationship, complete with several children, trips, and memories.

Spending time with your hypothetical spouse as you both approach your golden years is both heartwarming and a little worrisome. You’ll have to handle numerous parts of your life during the game. You will feel depressed if your happiness falls below a certain level.

Your health can deteriorate to severe levels if you make poor eating and drug choices.


BitLife Online – Living Your Virtual Life for Free with Friends


While adults and older teens will be able to comprehend the non-serious and fun approach of the game, Bitlife on PC is not a game suitable for kids and pre-teens. If you are a parent whose kid plays this game, make sure you speak to them about the manner in which sexual activities and relationships have been put forward in the game of Bitlife.

Talk to them about the consequences of taking the decisions they take in the game and inappropriate behavior. If they make a choice that entails them to commit criminal activities, heat people, be cruel, etc. This is a flexible, efficient, and fast emulator designed specifically for games.

Yes, you can with the help of an android emulator. Also Check: WhatsApp Web — web. Bitlife Game is a life simulator game that allows you to create a path of your own.

See what kind of outcome your choices will do. Become a bitizen and play bitlife online free on PC. Get bitlife on the computer and start making choices! There is a premium version of this game, where you get to unlock new features like being able to hire an assassin, purchase exotic pets, and more.

For instance, there is no main objective in this game because you get to create a life of your own from scratch, from baby to adulthood. This is the first life simulator game, where you can affect life through text-based — no more tacky graphics.

The simple style seems to get everyone hooked. Make the best choices or the worse ones. Play bitlife games online free now on PC. You will have to choose which school you want to study in, your first sideline, your first job, and more. For instance, there will be instances where being alert in making a choice is needed, but be careful because it will affect your life. Make sure to check on your happiness, looks, and love level.

You can control these by doing activities that can directly impact these emotions. Moreover, you can improve your looks by getting plastic surgery or improve your mental health by talking to a therapist. Discover how bit by bit life choices can add up to determine your success in life the game. Interactive story games have been around for years. But this is the first text life simulator to truly mash up and simulate adult life.

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BitLife PC – Life Simulator Free Download PC for Windows & MAC

BitLife For PC Simulator is a text-based life simulation game, Get your free BitLife Simulator unblocked download now! [PC, Mac]. BitLife – Life Simulator is a Simulation game developed by Candywriter, LLC. BlueStacks app player is the best platform to play this Android.


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