Your Corporate Wellness Program With Tribe Will Inspire You and Your Team.

Enrich your company’s health and happiness with our custom corporate wellness programs for your staff. We are proud to offer personalized plans online and in person that perfectly match your company’s size and needs.

Our Offerings

Stress Management & Meditation Classes

Learn how to meditate, improve stress management skills, and increase your job satisfaction and performance. Bring stress relief, meditation and balance to your team by teaching them how to improve their health and happiness inside the office. Book an individual class or enroll in a monthly program.

Yoga Classes

Bring yoga and mindfulness to your team to reward them for all their hard work and to destress the office. Classes focus on stress relief, improved posture and reduced pain for both beginner and advanced students. Book an individual class or enroll in a weekly program.

Group Fitness

Have fun and get fit with our top-rated group training programs. Fitness sessions build camaraderie among your team members as well as appreciate them for their dedication. We design these classes to be safe and accessible for the office. No extra equipment is required.

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