Our Team

We are proud to work with the most educated, passionate and committed wellness professionals.

Justin Harris

Focus: Wellness Business Coaching
Triber since: 2019

With my background in business and executive coaching, I help companies big and small grow their teams and brands. My passion is seeing clients discover the confidence that they always had in them

Joseph Ilustrisimo

Focus: Personal Training & Group Classes
Triber since: 2020

I was searching for a community of like-minded individuals willing to learn and grow together. I am so excited to be a part of the team and to continue growing in philosophy, physicality, and creativity.

Georgio Reed

Focus: Personal Training
Triber since: 2018

What really keeps me spending a lot of time there is seeing all of our members – the best members in California! I wouldn’t trade this Tribe for anything.

Meghan Rhew

Focus: Personal Training & Group Classes
Triber since: 2018

I am constantly inspired by the people around me, as well as impressed by the focus on the aspects of fitness that often gets left behind – taking care of mind, body, and soul.


Focus: Group Classes
Triber since: 2018

I joined Tribe when it first opened as one of its first founding workout members, A year later, I became an instructor and continue to enjoy teaching to this day

James Maldonado

Focus: Personal Training & Group Classes
Triber since: 2018

Tribe is a great community filled with strong and hardworking individuals that’s dedicated to their health. Everyone knows each other and if there is someone new the group will make them feel welcome.

Laura Furman

Focus: Yoga
Triber since: 2018

Come practice at Tribe if you want a space for exploration, transformation, and support on your entire fitness journey.