Your yoga practice at Tribe will be different.

We focus on a complete practice of physical poses,breath-work and mindfulness to teach yoga a sa tool for life. Our deeper approach to yoga will show you how to create a strong body, calm mind and joyful spirit. Expert teachers, powerful techniques and students dedicated to learning and growing make our community a truly extraordinary place for your yoga practice.

Our approach to yoga fits in with our approach to wellness

Personalised Training

Inside our studio,and during virtual classes,our trainers and coaches provide you with the right technique to excel within our three modalities to wellness – Mind,Body,and Spirit.We work with each Triber to find the balance of group classes, yoga and personal training that is just right for them.

Knowledge & Expertise

Beyond the studio, we equip our community with the latest and greatest advice when it comes to Health, Wealth, and Self. We understand everyone’s unique, so our members benefit from access to exclusive e-books, podcasts, workshops and a habit-tracking app, all to suit your unique learning style.

Community & Accountability

Everything we do at Tribe is in service of our community. That’s why we have nurtured an active and supportive global community of fellow Tribers and coaches that you can always lean on for support and guidance. Our community will help you with accountability and empower you to achieve your goals.

What we Offer

Tribe Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow provides the perfect pathway to balance and rejuvenation. Explore how and why we use asanas (poses) to challenge ourselves physically and mentally to discover what works for us- on the mat and in life. Class commences with flow-style asana and pranayama (breath control) and concludes with savasana and meditation. A transformational way to initiate or to integrate your day. Accessible for all levels.

Meditation & Discussion

Learn how to develop a deep and powerful mindfulness and meditation practice with guided sessions led by our most advanced teachers. Learn how to use meditation as a tool to change your energy, mind and life as you take a guided journey into yourself with support and community. Discuss, ask questions and build community in these powerful sessions with live Q/A and feedback about the practices and your takeaways.

Virtual Yoga & Meditation Classes

Benefits of group yoga and meditation, in the comfort of your home, or a nearby park. Included as part of the Tribe Virtual training program.